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Office Security

Role of a Security Personnel working in office has undergone drastic change. Not a long ago, security guard in office was primarily deployed to manned the gate. But over the last decade or so, there is a complete changeover of role of security in a corporate office in Mumbai.

Personal Security

We furnish highly-skilled personal bodyguards who provide a standard of physical protection that is apposite to the situation yet flexible enough to surge in case of emergency or increased threat. That is because every bodyguard at Sainik goes through rigorous training to offer the highest level of service which is on par with international standards.


We provide security services / arrangement to corporate event management exhibition, conference, private function, cultural function etc.

Our personnel are highly trained to monitor and ensure security for smooth operation of the event.

Commercial Security

Commercial security encompasses a range of markets, including offices and office buildings, financial institutions, retail, and other businesses (e.g., lodging and hospitality, food service, entertainment). The primary threat to office buildings is burglary and theft (Hess, 2009). Common measures taken to protect against this type of loss include access controls (e.g., identification card or fob readers, coded access, biometric access), closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance, and security guards.

Housing Security

Private security may also be necessary in public and private housing. Indeed, the installation of residential security systems more than doubled over a 5-year period in the 1990s (Brown, 1997; Dempsey, 2008). Other measures taken by homeowners may include special locks and lighting, safes, and large dogs (Hess, 2009). Some gated communities may also hire security guards to patrol the premises and monitor entrances. Similarly, some public housing authorities use access control and CCTV surveillance services.

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Our corporate mission is to cost-effectively provide professional security officers committed to respectfully delivering the highest level of security and customer service resulting in exceeded expectations and long-term business relationships.

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